10 Sunday Reads

My easy like Sunday morning reads:

• Tesla’s Model 3 Is Becoming One of America’s Best-Selling Sedans (Bloomberg) but see Bob Lutz: Kiss the good times goodbye (Automotive News)
• On Wall Street, the Bond Market Sets the Tone (New York Times)
• The Bizarre Story Of Why The FBI Suspected This Ohio Woman Was A Notorious Russian Hacker (Buzzfeed)
• The man who beat Monsanto: ‘They have to pay for not being honest’ (The Guardian)
• Bloomberg’s spy chip story reveals the murky world of national security reporting (TechCrunch)
• How DoL Fiduciary Clean Shares Improve Mutual Fund Performance (Kitces)
• Check out how much a computer cost the year you were born (USA Today)
• London Underground: The city’s elites went to war over basements. (Slate)
• Dishing up lies while proclaiming the love of facts, Trump and Sarah Sanders gaslight America (Washington Post)
• The Joke I Most Regret Comedians reflect on old material, evolution, and accountability. (Vulture)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Howard Marks, co-chairman of Oaktree Capital Management, which manages $122 billion dollars. Marks most recently wrote “Mastering the Market Cycle: Getting the Odds on Your Side,” which was released this month.



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Source: Barron’s

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