2011 Land Rover Defender

Its going to snow & ice this weekend int he NorthEast. While the Orange Beastie is more than up to the task, I have always coveted these not-exactly-legal and mostly unavailable-in-the-USA Defender 90s. Perhaps the lure of the forbidden explains sone of the appeal.

Clean versions of the UK’s go anywhere truck go for $30-50k in its home country and Canada; in the USA there is a silly premium, with older versions selling for $65k, $75k, and as high as$150k or more. (See 1992 with 100,000 mile for sale at $35k; 1985 with 125,000 mile for $37k).

The Land Rover is the world’s longest-serving production vehicle — an unequalled run of 67 years. It traces its roots to the second World War. Defenders have been used by many of the world’s military forces — including the US during the first Gulf War. The Brits vehicles were more capable in that region than the Humvee.

Regardless, its an ugly brute that fails to meet US emissions and safety regulations. Yet there is something unique about its upright boxy styling.



Source: Classic Driver

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