Succinct Summation of Week’s Events for 3.29.19

Succinct Summations for the week ending March 29th, 2019


1. Mueller Report did not cause a rift in the space-time continuum;
2. New home sales rose 4.9% in February from 636k to 667k.
3. Exports rose 0.9% while imports fell 2.6% m/o/m bringing trade deficit to -51.1B.
4. Jobless claims fell 5k w/o/w from 216k to 211k beating expected 225k.
5. Same store sales rose 5.3% w/o/w, accelerating from previous 4.9% gain.
6. Home mortgage apps rose 6.0% w/o/w, above previous 0.3% rise.


1. Housing starts fell 8.7% m/o/m, from 1.273M to 1.162M
2. Pending home sales fell 1.0% down from previous 4.3% gain.
3. Chicago Fed National Activity Index fell 0.29% m/o/m, missing expected 0.10% rise.
4. Consumer confidence fell from 131.4 to 124.1 for the month of March.
5. Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index fell 6 points m/o/m from 16 to 10.
6. Chicago PMI fell from 64.7 to 58.7 in March.

Thanks, Matt

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