An Embarrassment of Podcast Riches

Podcasts are having a huge moment right now. Everybody seems to be either launching, hosting or appearing on one.

We have been in the space for at least 5 years, as either guests or own pods (MIB, Animal Spirits). It is obvious this is a huge new digital media, along with streaming, live gaming, and so many other things vying for your limited attention.

I have gone a little podcast wild lately — listening, recording, guesting, and more. Here is the run of whatI am listening to right now (click image for podcast):


Ben on with Roben Farzad


Josh on with Christine Benz + Jeffrey Ptak


Patrick O’Shaugnessy interviews Jesse Livemore


Penn Jillette on with Lewis Howes


Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway on Chewy, FB and Slack


Michael Barbaro + Alexander Burns on the Debates


These are godsends for travelers and commuters. Download them and enjoy!


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