10 Wednesday AM Reads

My midweek morning train reads:

• Pension World Reels From ‘Financial Vandalism’ of Falling Yields (Bloomberg) see also The Danger of Plunging Interest Rates and Delayed Buying (Businessweek)
• Insiders are selling stock like it’s 2007 (CNN)
• Omnibot: This Little Black Box Does Heavy Lifting for Wall Street (Wall Street Journal)
• Talking Rates in the Maine Woods With Economists Over Good Wine (Bloomberg Businessweek)
• Long Island Home Flippers Sell to Each Other in Red-Hot Market (Bloomberg)
• Mysterious Vaping Lung Injuries May Have Flown Under Regulatory Radar (Kaiser Health News)
• Uber And Lyft Take A Lot More From Drivers Than They Say (Jalopnik)
• I Visited 47 Sites. Hundreds of Trackers Followed Me. (New York Times)
• A scathing new Pentagon report blames Trump for the return of ISIS in Syria and Iraq (Business Insider)
• Eddie Murphy hosting SNL, the show he helped saved (Washington Post)

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Greatest Hits of the U.S.–China Trade War

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