10 Monday AM Reads

My back to week morning train reads:

• Electric Cars—and Irrationality—Just Might Save the Stick Shift (Wired)
• Nobel Prize-Winning Economist on How to Solve the ‘Nastiest, Hardest Problem’ in Retirement (Barron’s)
• How the tiny town of Roundup, Montana, became a hub in Amazon’s supply chain. (The Verge)
• The SEC could soon let investment advisors hire celebrity endorsers. What could possibly go wrong? (WSJ)
• Why millennials never want to leave their apartment anymore (Quartz)
• The Pot Stock Bubble Has Burst. Here’s Why (Bloomberg) see also Only 8 percent of Americans say marijuana should be completely illegal (Washington Post)
• The newest gene editor radically improves on CRISPR: Researchers have developed “prime editing,” a true search-and-replace function for DNA. (MIT Technology Review)
• How FedEx Cut Its Tax Bill to $0 (New York Times)
• An Oral History of LimeWire: The Little App That Changed the Music Industry Forever (MEL)
• For comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, being bothered is serious business (Washington Post)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, 5-time recipient of the DOD Distinguished Public Service Medal. Carter is author of 11 books, most recently, Inside the Five-Sided Box: Lessons from a Lifetime of Leadership in the Pentagon.



Why boomers, not millennials, are fueling the urban apartment surge

Source: Curbed



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