10 Weekend Reads

Last weekend of the year is here! Pour yourself a mug of Bona Fide Ghana coffee, grab a seat by the fireplace, and get ready for our longer form weekend reads:

• Vanguard Led the Way for Decades. Now It’s Playing Catch-Up. (Barron’s)
• Vanillanomics: How Madagascar produces 80% of the world’s natural vanilla (Businessweek)
• Venture Returns and Startup Growth: What We Found When We Analyzed Thousands of VC Deals (AngelList)
• The Dark Side of Recycling (Worth) see also Lies, Damned Lies, and Recycling: Modern recycling was designed to deflect responsibility from the largest producers of waste. (Baffler)
• The Town That Lost Its Walmart: For a small town in Texas, the 3 decade presence of the world’s largest retailer was a point of civic pride. 18 months ago, all that changed. (New York Times)
• Ghosts of the future: A massive Canadian fossil trove reminds us how fleeting life on Earth can be — and how much peril we’re in. (Washington Post)
• The Hacker Who Took Down a Country. Daniel Kaye, also known as Spdrman, found regular jobs tough but corporate espionage easy. He’s about to get out of prison. (Businessweek)
• How murder, kidnappings and a miscalculation set off Hong Kong revolt (Reuters)
• San Francisco Spent A Decade Being Rich, Important, And Hating Itself. (Buzzfeed) see also How Big Tech Manipulates Academia to Avoid Regulation (The Intercept)
• Bodily Curiosities: Musings on the mysteries of physical existence (First Things)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Bruce Van Saun, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Citizens Financial Group. CFG is the bank that (among other things) funds most of the iPhone purchases or leases to consumers.


Nothing Says 2010s Quite Like Bitcoin

Source: CoinDesk via Morning Brew


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