10 Sunday Reads

My easy like Sunday morning reads:

• How Trump’s Trade War Is Making Lobbyists Rich And Slamming Small Businesses (ProPublica)
• Pittsburgh’s Insurance-Free Doctor Charges $35 Per Visit (Businessweek)
• Every American family basically pays an $8,000 ‘poll tax’ under the U.S. health system, top economists say (Washington Post)
• Is the world becoming more violent? Seven years into his epic walk across the world, journalist Paul Salopek ponders our propensity for violence. (National Geographic)
• The 2020 election: 4 threats to anticipate (ABA Journal) see also How Propaganda Manipulates Emotion to Fuel Nationalism: Experimental Evidence from China (SSRN)
• You elected them to write new laws. They’re letting corporations do it instead. (USA Today)
• The Fall of Donald Trump’s Fixers: The mogul-turned-president has long relied on loyalists to push the limits in defense of his image, but Roy Cohn, David Pecker and Michael Cohen all wound up out in the cold (Wall Street Journal)
• How could my wife have Alzheimer’s? She was only 56.  She was the wittiest, smartest, and most talkative person I had ever met. And now all of that was fading away (Boston Globe)
• Think Debtors Prisons Are a Thing of the Past? Not in Mississippi. (Marshall Project)
• The empty promises of Marie Kondo and the craze for minimalism (The Guardian)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Matthew Benkendorf, CIO at Vontobel’s Quality Growth boutique, managing $33 billion (He replaced prior MiB guest Rajiv Jain as CIO). Vontobel manages $279 billion (6/30/19) and has 2,000 employees.


Health Insurers in U.S. Pay Much More for Hospital Care

Source: New York Times



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