Succinct Summation for the Week 2.14.20

Succinct Summations for the week ending February 14th, 2020


1. Corona virus could have been much much worse; its not fully contained, but it seems to be getting managed;
2. CPI rose 0.1% m/o/m, meeting expectations.
3. Jobless claims rose 2k w/o/w from 203k to 205k, below expectations.
4. Home refinance apps rose 5.0% w/o/w, rising 2nd straight week.
5. Retail sales rose 0.3% m/o/m, above previous increase;
6. Business inventories rose 0.1% m/o/m.


1. As POTUS unleashed, America looks increasingly like a Banana Republic; Possible danger to U.S. Justice Department and other institutions?
2. Home mortgage apps fell 6.0% w/o/w after previously falling 10.0%.
3. Job openings came in at 6.423M for December, below expectations.
4. Industrial Production fell 0.3% for a second straight week.
5. Same store sales rose 4.8% w/o/w, decelerating from previous increase.

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