Why Did You Start the Podcast?


Chris Competiello, who covers Markets & Investing at Business Insider, decided to put together a list of his 10 must-listen podcasts. Its behind a paywall, but it includes many people you know (including current and future guests on MiB): Mike & Ben’s Animal Spirits, WisdomTree/Jeremy Schwartz’s Behind the Markets, Ted Seides’ Capital Allocators, Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s Invest Like The Best, and two eponymous pods, both The Meb Faber Show and The Sherman Show, plus a few others I have in my queue to check out.

What made this so fun was that Chris posed some really interesting questions:  I have heard some of these before, but certainly not all of them, and never all in one place.

If/when this comes out from behind the paywall, I will share the full list; but until then, here are my own answers to Chris interesting questions:

1. Why you started the podcast:

Out of frustration with financial television and how they interview their most interesting guests.. Its always ephemeral, superficial nonsense that is stale by the time the guest leaves the building: What’s your favorite stock? When is the Fed going to cut interest rates? Where will the Dow be in a year? (So annoying)

I can tell you exactly where I was when the idea for Masters in Business popped into my head: Returning from Vancouver, in a Chicago airport lounge waiting for my connection, watching Pershing Square’s Bill Ackman on FinTV get asked one terrible question after another. On the plane ride back to JFK from O’Hare,  I started listing topics and questions I wanted to ask. I got to a few dozen and realized there was something here. About 7 or 8 of those evolved into the 10 questions I ask all of my podcast guests at the end of the pod.

2. What investors can expect to learn from listening?

So much, if you pay attention: Everybody has a different approach, but some consistent themes come up again and again: the importance having a process versus focusing on outcomes, being aware of your own biases, understanding the impact of costs, why you should develop an expertise, continually educate yourself, read widely and deeply, and recognize the role of luck in, well, everything.

3. What you’d like to accomplish with the podcast?

I would like to create a library of the most interesting thinkers in business and finance, be they fund managers, economists, academics, quants, creators, authors, whoever.. I wish we had interviews like these of people in the 1920s, or 30s, or 70s, or even 90s (that would be amazing).. I want this body of work to be a useful tool for people today – and in the future.

4. Why this form of communication is crucial in today’s day and age?

It’s funny: We all seem to have no time and yet big chunks of time while doing something else: Commuting, being on a treadmill, walking the dog, driving, etc. The format is perfect for this: it allows you to do other things on autopilot, but it also creates space for deep dives into one person’s life and career. It supplements or replaces a lot of the superficial nonsense that passes for news. The ability to access a specific topic or person you want to learn about is fascinating. We really do live in amazing times.



These 10 must-listen podcasts can help you master investing, from day-trading to real estate
by Christopher Competiello
Business Insider, March 5,  2020


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