MiB: Betting Against Fraud and China

What do you do when you are a Wall Street cynic with a long history of identifying fraud?

If you are Jim Chanos, you launch a short-focused hedge fund. Today, Chanos is a famed short seller who helped to expose a number of financial frauds, most famously Enron, as well as Baldwin-United, and Drexel Burnham. His firm, Kynikos Associates, just celebrated its 35th anniversary.

Chanos explains why his portfolios are long/short — markets tend to go higher over time. Kynikos is long the S&P500 and the MSCI indices, then selects individual companies to be short against those indices. The firm uses the S&P500 index as its benchmark.

He explains that relations with China have changed: The hardening of US-China relations that existed due to the trade war has now spread — Europe and even the Democrats in the U.S. view China more warily because of Covid-19. The credit story in China continues to be an issue, as their debt growth is a multiple of their growth rate. The ticking debt time bomb is their mortgage, personal and corporate debt within their economy. Chanos states: “Chinese apartment are still the most important asset class in the world in my view.”

We also discuss the investing aspects of the political reaction this election year: The American public won’t be happy with more corporate bailouts, especially now that the corporate tax burden have been slashed to 21%. Chanos points out that the Capital/Labor super-cycle has gone through 40-year cycles (1935-75; 1980-2020) He thinks the pendulum has begun to reverse its direction again.

His favorite books are here; A transcript of our conversation is available here.

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Next week, we speak with Jim Bianco, President and Macro Strategist at Bianco Research.


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