10 Monday AM Reads

My back to work morning train WFH reads:

• Caught on camera, police explode in rage and violence across the US (The Verge)
• An Unlikely Hero for 1906, 1929…and Today. A.P. Giannini built Bank of America showing hard times can breed the upstarts who fuel the next boom (Wall Street Journal)
• Are Jobs Returning In Reopened States? (Fivethirtyeight)
• Bubblicious? Cheap stocks have underperformed expensive stocks by over 30% this year (Albert Bridge)
• Looking At The Fed’s Bond Buying: Broad and Deep (ETF Trends)
•  The best and worst of the biggest streaming services (Vox)
• U.S. Renewables Outstrip Coal for First Time Since 19th Century (Bloomberg)
• Infecting the vote (Popular Information)
• SpaceX Launch Marks New Era for Space Travel (Slate)
• The Machine Stops ⁠Extraordinary novella of lockdown Britain created 100 years ago (BBC)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with David Rosenberg of Rosenberg Research. Rosie is best known for his calls as Chief Economist of Merrill Lynch in the 2000s.


V or swoosh? Willingness to ignore social distancing guidelines continues to surprise.

Source: Torsten Sløk, Deutsche Bank Securities


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