10 Weekend Reads

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of Organic Guatemalan coffee, grab a seat by the pool, and get ready for our longer form weekend reads:

The High Cost of Income Inequality: Why the Widening Wealth Gap Is Bad News for Everyone (Barron’s)   
• Jon Stewart Is Back to Weigh In (New York Times Magazine)

• How Robinhood Convinced Millennials to Trade Their Way Through a Pandemic: The $8.3 billion stock trading startup fumbled into the financial crisis — and is now winning it. (Medium)
• Interview: Marc Andreessen (Observer Effect)
• How I Learned to Cook Again: A Culinary Tragedy (Businessweek)
• Boaz Weinstein Is Making Bank. He’s Not Happy That You Know About It. (Institutional Investor)
• The Rage Unifying Boomers and Gen Z (The Atlantic)
• “He’s the Chosen One to Run America”: Inside the Cult of Trump, His Rallies Are Church and He Is the Gospel (Vanity Fair) see also Millions of Americans Believe Trump Is Fighting Literal Demons (Foreign Policy
• How Humanity Has Unleashed a Flood of Zoonotic Diseases (New York Times Magazine

• Mozart’s infinite riches: A single body of work, such as the piano concertos, can provide an inexhaustible spring of delight (Standpoint)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Jeremy Siegel of Wharton School of Business, Wisdom Tree, and author of Stocks for the Long Run,  discussing valuations and asset management under lockdown.


Coronavirus has come to Trump Country

Source: Washington Post


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