10 Wednesday AM Reads

Its July! The year is half over. And now, our mid-week morning WFH reads:

• Black and White on Wall Street: The Unwritten Code on Race (Bloomberg)
• When should you sell your stocks? Only in these cases (Fortune)
• What A COVID-19 Second Wave Means For Investors (Charles Schwab)
• New Flood-Risk Data Threatens to Change Millions of American Home Prices (Bloomberg)
• Coffee’s for Closers: How a Short Seller’s Warning Helped Take Down Luckin Coffee (Wall Street Journal)
• Why is Gold Valuable? (Of Dollars And Data)
• Apple and Facebook (Stratechery)
• Millions track the pandemic on Johns Hopkins’s dashboard. Those who built it say some miss the real story. (Washington Post)
• The dirty secret behind Ben Shapiro’s extraordinary success on Facebook (Popular Information)
• Carl Reiner, Multifaceted Master of Comedy: A gifted comic actor, he spent most of his career slightly out of the spotlight — writing, directing and letting others get the laughs. (New York Times)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview last weekend with Ron Carson, founder and CEO of Carson Group, which serves financial advisors and investors through its various businesses. Carson Wealth manages 12 billion dollars for clients.


Wealth Growth Resilience in Weathering Crises

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