How to Vote SAFELY in Person

Voter suppression, election sabotage in Wisconsin

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Some important things:

• November 3rd, 2020 will be a very important election.

• A concerted effort is underway to suppress votes, especially absentee mail in ballots, in swing states and urban centers.

• You can thwart this attempt with some smarts and a little effort.

The claim that mail in votes are fraudulent is false, but the attempt to illegally prevent them is very real.

The solution to this is to safely cast your ballot in person. You can do that easily:

1. VOTE EARLY: Go to; Look up your state to see when and where you can cast your ballot early, i.e., before election day. You can look up the specifics on your state there, but here are a few swing states:

Florida: At least 10 days before the election. Varies by county.
Iowa: 29 days before the election (in-person absentee voting).
Michigan: 45 days before the election.
North Carolina: 19 days before the election.
Ohio: 28 days before the election (in-person absentee voting).
Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania does not offer early voting, but counties may make mail ballots available to voters in person up to 50 days before Election Day.
Wisconsin: At least 14 days before the election (in-person absentee voting).

All data via

Check your specific state election board for details.

2. VOTE SAFELY: It does not take much to ensure you can vote safely in person — even in hot spots. Double mask covering your mouth and nose. Order a face shield ($9) and wear it to the polling place. Bring alcohol-based sanitizer, don’t touch your face, return home, wash with soap and water.

3. VOTE IN PERSON: Locate your early voting location — it may not be your regular polling place. (We normally vote at our library but early voting takes place at the high school). Go to your early voting location and cast your vote.

We sent previous generations into battle to fight against enemies committed to destroying us. Asking the American people to safely vote early — regardless of who you support — is not too much of a request to once again, defend Democracy and the American way of life.

“The most important election of our lifetimes” is a phrase we all have heard repeatedly our entire lives. For the first time, it is really true.

Make sure you vote, and make sure your vote will be counted.


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