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My mid-week morning train WFH reads:

How To Make Investment Bets On November Elections: “Positioning for this or any presidential election is a fool’s errand” (IBD)
Shopify, Suddenly Worth $117 Billion, Is One of the Biggest Pandemic Winners: The coronavirus pandemic has forced many small businesses to finally open online stores—and turned e-commerce software provider Shopify into one of the biggest winners of the retail shakeout. (Wall Street Journal)
C U, SUV The hulking car has become the world’s most dominant form of transportation—and one of its biggest climate threats. (Slate)
Increasing Body of Evidence Bolsters Case for ESG Investing: Harvard finds they outperform over the long haul, as well as during a market downturn. (CIO)
New Apartments in the Suburbs Attract New Yorkers: City residents head to new developments in walkable suburban communities where they can get apartments with more indoor and outdoor space. (New York Times) see also Mortgage Refinancings Boom, Even As Coronavirus Hits Economy: Lenders issued $1.1 trillion in home loans between April and June; low rates boosted refinancings (Wall Street Journal)
The pandemic is forcing a new era of worker angst: The collision of three unprecedented events — the pandemic, its economic toll and an uprising against racial injustice — is causing an extraordinary level of angst among workers. (Axios)
Generation C Has Nowhere to Turn: Recent history suggests young people could see their careers derailed, finances shattered, and social lives upended. (The Atlantic)
How a Massive Bomb Came Together in Beirut’s Port: Fifteen tons of fireworks. Jugs of kerosene and acid. Thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate. A system of corruption and bribes let the perfect bomb sit for years. (New York Times)
How Dangerous Is Police Work? Misleading statistics have been used to distort the real perils of walking a beat. (Bloomberg)
One step beyond: the ascent of mountain runner Kílian Jornet: He is the most outrageously talented mountain runner there has ever been, conquering peaks in dizzying new records. But what keeps driving Kílian Jornet ever upwards? And how does he cope with his new life as a social influencer? (The Guardian)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Morgan Housel, former writer for Motley Fool and WSJ, and partner at Collaborative Funds. His new book, The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness, is out today.


A majority of young adults in the U.S. live with their parents for the first time since the Great Depression

Source: Pew Research Center


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