Finding Founders: No Emotions, All Data



Over the years, I have imposed on so many people for my MiB podcast, I have become reluctant to turn down anyone credible who asks me, especially students and others early in their career.

So when I got an email from a couple of guys from UCLA about how my career developed and how we built the firm, I was intrigued:

“[Finding Founders] focuses on business, but the core of our content is about vulnerability . . . This isn’t one of those 2-hour set-down-the-mic-and-talk types of podcasts — we edit the interview down to a 30-45 minute episode infusing the story with music, sound effects, and voice over. We have a team of editors and scriptwriters that spend weeks to distill your story into its most compelling components.”

I checked out some of their recent episodes, and I was really impressed. This wasn’t an amateur student project, but rather, a podcast whose production values were on par with many of my favorites like Freakonomics radio or Planet Money.

We had a few phone calls, and when the time came to record the pod, I tortured these poor guys with my digressions and footnotes and ramblings. They took it all in stride. They did a very nice job developing a thematic narrative.

The whole thing is probably too nice by half, and I am not really worthy of such high quality production values. If you are bored over the 3-day weekend, try this…




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