10 Monday AM Reads

Well, THAT was not a relaxing weekend. Back to work with our morning train WFH reads:

The Stock Trading Revolution: How Robinhood and Its Rivals are Changing Markets: It used to be difficult to trade stocks. Now it’s basically as easy as downloading an app or sending a tweet. And what’s more, it’s completely free. Over the past year, there has been a revolution in how people can access the stock market (Bloomberg)
Four Questions About Bonds: How to invest when yields on high-quality bonds disappear? (Morningstar)
A 60/40 Stocks/Bond Strategy No Longer Works. Here’s What to Do Instead. With bond yields at historic lows—recently 0.67% for the 10-year Treasury benchmark—they have little room to fall and no limit to how far they can rise  (Barron’s)
A 28-Year Old Billionaire Wins the SPAC Lottery Hyliion’s founder Thomas Healy is about to get very rich. So is the SPAC sponsor taking his truck parts company public. (Bloomberg)
Destruction of value in US real estate revealed: Commercial properties in difficulty are being valued at less than 75% previous level, appraisal data show (Financial Times)
The Pandemic Depression Is Over. The Pandemic Recession Has Just Begun. We’ve entered a longer, slower grind that puts the economy at risk for the indefinite future. (New York Times)
Trump Is a Super-Spreader of Disinformation: The president is the single biggest reason why many Americans distrust science, the electoral system, and one another. (The Atlantic) see also Coronavirus and Fox News collide, and Chris Wallace is at the center of it: On air Friday, he challenged some of his colleagues’ reporting on Trump’s diagnosis and broke some news of his own — revealing Trump flouted the “honor system” for the campaigns to arrive at the debate having already tested negative for the coronavirus. (Washington Post)
Where You Carry Body Fat May Affect How Long You Live Extra weight in some places may lower your risk of dying prematurely. (New York Times)
This billionaire built a big-money machine to oust Trump. Why do some Democrats hate him?  Reid Hoffman symbolizes a bigger debate over whether Silicon Valley disruption has any place in our politics. (Vox)
Drone Awards 2020: the world seen from above On the Sea, Cornwall, UK. Photograph: Roberto Corinaldesi Shares 4104 The winners of the international awards dedicated to aerial photography. (The Guardian)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, now part of publicly traded Penn National Gaming. He is known for not only sports related content, but his reviews every pizza place in NYC (“One Bite With Davey Pageviews).” When live sporting events and gambling got cancelled, he became “Davey Day Trader,”  inspiring an “Army of Day Traders.”


Stock Investors Are Younger and More Racially Diverse

Source: Bloomberg



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