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Bloomberg has historically been an institutional data and content provider. The terminals pricing starts at $2000 per month, and goes up from there. The audience is a very high end financial professional, and typically not self-directed investors.

Across all the sites and platforms, I always thought the personal finance aspect was the one offering that BBRG was a little light on. So imagine my thrill and surprise to learn that Bloomberg is rolling out a new section: Bloomberg Wealth.

And, I am happy that many of my columns are finding their way to that section as well — including this weekend’s “What to Consider When Making Big Purchases” and last month’s “The 10 Most Useless Phrases in Financial Markets.”

Here is a note from Pratish Narayanan, the section editor:

“Today we are launching Bloomberg Wealth to help you manage your finances, live your best life and navigate your path to prosperity. That sentiment may seem to sit at odds with the bleakness of this year, but we believe these volatile times make our mission more necessary.

The Covid-19 crisis has left millions of people feeling insecure over their personal finances, bringing to the fore questions around where to live, how to work, what to study and how to prepare for the future. We are seeing surging interest — especially among young people — in stock investing, which comes with inherent opportunities and risks.”

Looking forward to see what can actually be done with a section on Wealth.



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