Masters in Business: The Drinking Game!




Of all of the feedback that Masters in Business has generated, its very own drinking game was not one that I was expecting.

The creators suggest taking a drink when anything on the bulleted list below occurs, but that might be dangerous! Given the frequency of those occurrences, perhaps limiting each round to about a third of a drink might allow you to enjoy the game without becoming completely blotto.

It looks something like this:


MIB Drinking Game

To be played with alcohol, coffee, or whatever finer beverage listeners prefer. Have a drink if any of the following occurs or when Barry says any of the following phrases:

• “Special or extra special guest”
• “You will enjoy the episode if you are at all interested in xxx”
• The interview is a “master class”
• “Fascinating”
• The guest is an academic or a musician
• The guest is a woman, minority, or from another country
• The guest is an “Absolute legend” (at the listener’s discretion)
• The guest and Barry are friends
• Anyone advocates indexing
• “Let me push back”, “Remiss”, “Secret sauce”, “yuuge”, “Our crack staff”
• Barry references Stony Brook
• Anyone refers to Dunning-Kruger, Kahneman, and/or Tversky research
• Any reference to Barry’s law degree + bonus drink if he jokes how happy he is to not be practicing
• Barry mentions veterans he worked with as a trader or hired at RWM
• Any reference of athletes working on Wall Street
• Any question takes more than 60 seconds to ask
• Anyone throws in the phantom Nu Yawk “R” (“idear”, “warter”, “Chinar”, etc.)
• Tennis is mentioned
• Barry mentions his longstanding interest in real estate
• Any discussion of his old GeoCities blog
• “Camp Kotok”
• Barry tells guest he read their book while on vacation
• If anyone references cars (bonus drink if manual transmissions are called “Millennial anti-theft device”)
• Barry misspeaks and asks for it to be edited out, but it still makes it in the show
• The episode is more than an hour (extra drink for every additional 15 min)
• “Can you stick around for the podcast portion?”
• “Welcome to the podcast” when the podcast portion starts
• The mid-episode commercial interrupts Barry or the guest as they are speaking
• Reference to the last/standard questions as “my/everybody’s favorite questions”
• “Listeners love the guests’ book recommendations”
• Barry emphasizes *wish* when asking guests “what they wish they knew” (extra drink if the guest says “wish I had invested in xxx”)
• “Look up an inch or down an inch” on podcast platforms to find old episodes
• Batnick crushed it on the research (listener’s discretion)
• Barry calls out Stitcher at the end of the episode

**Have fun, pace yourself as needed, and please drink responsibly!**


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