“I know what I’ve been put on earth to do.”



My partner Josh is not only a first-rate CEO, he is a deeply insightful person whose judgment and insights I rely on everyday. He has grown so much from the guy I met poolside at Lindzon Palooza more than a decade ago.

Here is his must-read birthday missive:

“But there’s one thing I can really do. I know the markets. I communicate what’s going on extremely effectively. We’ve been bullish and correct for over a decade now. We’ve created an investment philosophy, built on the foundation of some very important books and personal observations and experiences.

I’m surrounded by like-minded professionals and we’ve taken this philosophy from the realm of blog posts and research to an investment firm managing almost $2 billion to families, endowments and corporate retirement plans. We started seven years ago with $60 million in assets and less than a hundred clients. This thing we’ve built is incredibly special. Thirty five employees taking care of 1500 client households. It would be a cliché to refer to ourselves as a family, but what else can you call a group of people who would do anything for each other, through thick and thin?”

Go read the whole thing . . .



Carry On
Joshua M Brown
TRB, February 25, 2021


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