How is a Beeple JPEG worth $69 Million?



Fascinating discussion of the Beeple JPEG that became a NFT which sold for $69 Million. His a sample of some of his work.

Here is NPR:

Mike Winkelmann, a digital artist and graphic designer known as Beeple, was trying to find a better way to sell his art. He had thousands of works that he had produced over the past 13 years for his popular “Everydays” series, but there was a problem. The art market, made up of galleries and auction houses that dictate the value of creative works, was not an avenue through which he could do so for a simple reason: Digital art can be infinitely reproduced, making the works worthless.

Its a simple explanation of a complex subject.








The $69 Million JPEG
Alexi Horowitz-Ghazi & Mary Childs
NPR, March 12, 2021



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