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My Two-for-Tuesday morning train WFH reads:

Return to Office Hits a Snag: Young Resisters A generation gap has emerged between them and colleagues who value the workplace over the advantages of remote work. Bridging it may require flexibility. (New York Times) see also Companies that make people return to the office will lose employees The future of work, according to a remote work expert. (Vox)

As Good As it Gets? The U.S. stock market is not only up 12 out of the past 13 years (assuming this year’s gain holds), but 10 out of those 13 years have been double-digit gains. And the worst down year was a loss of just 4%. (Wealth of Common Sense)

The Economic Risks from Anti-Vaxxers Which is the larger economic threat, the Delta Variant or Inflation? The case can be made for virus mutations as the larger economic threat. (The Big Picture) see also What Does the Delta Variant Mean for the U.S. Economy? Predictions of a second “Roaring Twenties” have proved premature. (New Yorker)

Psst! Paul Glazer Is the True King of SPACs. (And He Would Prefer You Didn’t Know That.) Forget pretenders like Bill Ackman and Chamath Palihapitiya. The inscrutable founder of Glazer Capital is mastering the chaos behind Wall Street’s latest fad. (Institutional Investor)

Real Estate Agents Target Record $100 Billion as Home Sales Boom Commission revenue — the cut that brokers collect for helping buy and sell homes — is on track to surge 16% in 2021, surpassing $100 billion for the first time. (Bloomberg)

A Guide to Developing a Deep Reading Habit 7 principles to help you read more and read better. (Medium) but see Building an antilibrary: the power of unread books Tsundoku (積ん読) is a beautiful Japanese word describing the habit of acquiring books but letting them pile up without reading them. Unread books can be as powerful as the ones we have read, if we choose to consider them in the right light. (Ness Labs)

The Heat, Floods and Fire We Don’t Hear Enough About: From India to Turkey, it’s not just “crazy weather.” It’s the world at 1.2 degrees of global warming, explain climate scientists. (Bloomberg)

The China Model: What the Country’s Tech Crackdown Is Really About After spending years emulating Silicon Valley, the world’s second-biggest economy is now officially charting its own course. (Businessweek)

Anti-vaccine groups changing into ‘dance parties’ on Facebook to avoid detection The ban-evasion efforts on Facebook and Instagram are ratcheting up as the White House has increased pressure on the social media platforms to do more to contain vaccine misinformation. The secret language being used by anti-vaccine groups to skirt detection (NBC News) see also Facebook and YouTube spent a year fighting covid misinformation. It’s still spreading. The social media giants have struggled to find and take down anti-vaccine propaganda. But medical misinformation has thrived on their platforms for years.(Washington Post)

‘Tidal’ made Fiona Apple a star 25 years ago. Its success nearly overwhelmed her. When Fiona Apple’s debut album “Tidal” was released, 25 years ago this week, she was 18 years old and somehow seemed simultaneously older and younger. When Apple entered the studio to make it, she had been writing songs since she was 8 years old but had never played a show and had never even been on a stage. (Washington Post)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend Brian Deese, the 13th Director of the National Economic Council, and the Assistant to the President for Economic Policy. Previously, he was Global Head of Sustainable Investing at Blackrock, and was President Obama’s senior advisor for climate and energy policy. He was newly named as Chairman of The White House Competition Council.


Blackrock Dominates ETP Market

Source: Bloomberg via @EricBalchunas


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