1939 Packard Twelve 1708 Convertible Sedan

Cars from the pre-war era are not where most of my automotive interests lays. But even I can appreciate the mechanical excellence and beauty of this giant Packard Twelve Convertible. It is an important milestone in America’s automobile history.

The car below was purchased new by Colonel Robert R. McCormick, owner of the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Tribune. MSRP in 1939 was a heady $5,400. It was a chauffeur-driven model, and McCormick’s told his driver to get him from downtown Chicago to his home in Wheaton, Illinois in 45 minutes, which the big V12 was more than capable of.

Powered by a 473ci L-head V12 paired with a column-shifted three-speed manual transmission with overdrive, it made a big 175HP. The massive upright chromed grill, topped by the crystal eagle hood ornament, defines the elegant look of the car. This was the final year for Packard Twelve, the top-of-the-line production body style.

Only 446 were built in 1939, there are a dozen known left of the aptly named Twelve, making this a rare and desirable automobile.

These go for $100-200k, including recent sales og $170,500, $160,600, and $106,400. The version below was bid to $112,200, but RNM and was not sold. You can pick it up for $199k here.


Source: Bring A Trailer

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