Visualizing the Pandemic, Jan 2020 – Nov 2021

The Pandemic in 60 Seconds

Source: r/Data is Beautiful



The latest Covid mutation named B.1.1.529, (Nu) appears to be increasing in most of South Africa; it has people worried about another wave of infections.

While you mull that over, give this county level animation a once over. You can see how the pandemic spreads, from person-to-person, county-to-county, state-to-state, country-to-country. This is a dangerous virus, and the people who resist masking, social distancing and vaccinations are masking it all the more difficult to get under control.

In response, the stock market shed 2%, with travel, hospitality and live entertainment falling 6-10%.

This is not over yet. That makes certain misguided people happy. More on this next week. 

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