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“When investors talk about expectations, they are usually talking about the wrong expectations.”
-Michael Mauboussin


One of my very favorite MiB guests is Michael Mauboussin; his current gig is head of consilient research at Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s Counterpoint Global.

He recently updated and rewrote the book he co-authored with Alfred Rappaport, “Expectations Investing: Reading Stock Prices for Better Returns.” It was as good an excuse as any to get him back into the studio to discuss what has changed over the past 20+ years,

He explains why people confuse multiples for valuations, and how lots of assumptions about stocks prices so often go unexamined. He explains why so many measures like P/E, P/S, P/B etc. tend to be circular arguments.

We also spend some time discussing the impact of the rise of intangibles: patents, software, processes, copyrights, algos, logistics.

Discussed on the podcast:

Categorizing for Clarity: Cash Flow Statement Adjustments to Improve Insight (PDF) (Morgan Stanley)

Steven Crist on Value Investing and Horse Betting

Chapter 3 Crist on Value

The Impact of Intangibles on Base Rates (PDF) (Morgan Stanley)

Lifetime Earnings: Do IPO Prices Predict Future Earnings?

A The Idea Multiplier: An acceleration in innovation is coming (Vanguard)


A list of his favorite books is here; A transcript of our conversation is available here.

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