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My back to work morning train WFH reads:

Could 2022 be a better, healthier year? Ten reasons to be cautiously optimistic. Facing yet another year of illness and death, how could any of us be optimistic about 2022? Why should anyone be optimistic? Why should anyone believe things will ever get better? And yet, there is reason for hope — 10 reasons, in fact. (Washington Post)

10 Lessons from 2021 Gold is not an inflation hedge, Strong earnings can support high valuations, Bull markets can last longer than you think, and other important observations. (Irrelevant Investor)

How Oklahoma Became a Marijuana Boom State Weed entrepreneurs have poured into Oklahoma from across the United States, propelled by low start-up costs and relaxed rules. (New York Times)

Lessons of Jimmy Cayne’s Bear Stearns historic rise and fall: Cayne’s story is complex, one of incredible achievement. It should be studied by business schools as a parable of how business leaders can get stuff so right for so long, only to be defined by a couple of bad and avoidable mistakes. (NY Post)

A Booming Startup Market Prompts an Investment Rush for Ever-Younger Companies Investors in 2021 have pumped a record $93 billion into early-stage U.S. startups through Dec. 15, triple the amount from five years before (Wall Street Journal)

Why most gas stations don’t make money from selling gas With gas prices climbing up, you may think station owners are getting greedy. But the economics behind the pump tell a different story. (The Hustle)

10 lessons in productivity and brainstorming from The Beatles The first part of Peter Jackson’s epic Beatles documentary Get Back is a masterclass in facilitation and creative management. Paul McCartney tries a stoned, grumpy band through writing, arranging, recording and performing dozens of songs within a short deadline. He’s using the Design Thinking playbook, 20 years before it was written… (Medium)

Despite omicron, Covid-19 will become endemic. Here’s how. The variant has changed how we get from “pandemic” to “endemic,” but that doesn’t mean we’re back to square one. (Vox)

Trump Adviser Peter Navarro Lays Out How He and Steve Bannon Planned to Overturn Biden’s Electoral Win. “It started out perfectly. At 1 p.m., Gosar and Cruz did exactly what was expected of them…” (Daily Beast)

The Depths She’ll Reach: Sunken by grief, Alenka Artnik found herself alone on a bridge, contemplating suicide. Ten years later, she is the world’s greatest female freediver and getting stronger with each record-breaking plunge. How one woman emerged from mental health struggles to push the limits of the human body. (On Just One Breath  

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business next week with University of Michigan social psychology professor Richard Nisbett. He is Co-director of the Culture and Cognition program at Michigan, focusing on reasoning and basic cognitive processes. he is the author of numerous books, the most recent of which is “Thinking: A memoir.” Malcolm Gladwell has called him “The most influential thinker in my life.”


It’s harder than ever to know what’s in or out, but that won’t stop us from trying

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