Liar’s Poker, 3 Decades Later

More than 30 years later, Michael Lewis’ 1989 book “Liar’s Poker” is still the book to read if you want to really understand Wall Street. “Liar’s Poker” tells the story of Lewis’ experience as a bond salesman in the 1980s.


Three decades after writing “Liar’s Poker,” Michael Lewis reflects on its impact on Wall Street

Source: YouTube via CBS News


I love Lewis’ comments about revisiting his own prior work decades later:

“Just recently, I found out the audiobook rights to “Liar’s Poker” had reverted back to me. So I decided to re-open “Liar’s Poker” and record it again, the whole thing. It was a truly weird experience, almost like meeting a different me. It was actually difficult to read that book again. But it reminded me of the value of not always just moving forward. Of taking the time to stop and go back.”

Most of us do not have many artifacts that allow us the privilege of revisiting ourselves in our youth.




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