2016 McLaren 650S Spider

I can certainly understand the appeal of McLarens, but it’s one of those car companies that were never on my must-have list.

Since its Spring, the appeal of a 650S Spider or any convertible is undeniable — that sensuous shape, the screaming twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 behind your ear as you motor about with the big sky overhead. A retractable carbon-fiber roof, forged staggered-diameter wheels, carbon-ceramic brakes, a Sport exhaust, dihedral doors make this a supercar, as does the 641 hp run to 60 in about 3.2 seconds.

In this era of chip shortages and inflated used car prices is this gently used, 7,400 mile, only-driven-by-a-little-old-lady-on-Sundays car.  The original window sticker was $310,880, but this one went earlier this year for a nicely depreciated $177k.

Falling prices are anti-inflationary! (And that’s no April fools joke)


Source: Bring A Trailer

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