10 Weekend Reads

The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of Panama Boquete Sonia Amoruso Gesha coffee, grab a seat where its warm and dry, and get ready for our longer-form weekend reads:

Elon’s Twitter Play: Valuation and Corporate Governance Consequences To get a measure of Musk’s bid for Twitter, you have to also understand the company’s path to its current status. In this section, I will focus on the milestones in the company’s history that shape it today, with an eye on how it may affect how this acquisition bid plays out. (Musings on Markets)

Was the ‘Bond King’ Great? Bill Gross was synonymous with fixed income investing for 40 years — but the question of whether he generated real alpha still hovers over his legacy. (Institutional Investor)

How Managing by Moonshot Doomed Zillow’s Home Flipping CEO Rich Barton loves a BHAG—a big swing, an all-in flywheeling Manhattan Project to the mountaintop of his super app. It’s worked for him, mostly. (Businessweek)

Every Bay Area House Party Hilarious discussion of what’s going on in Silicon Valley the past few years. (Astral Codex Ten)

How Technocrats Triumphed at Apple: The man who helped give the world candy-colored computers eventually walked out the door. What does that mean for the company’s next big thing? (New York Times)

“Elephant in the room”: Clean energy’s need for unsustainable minerals: Our need for minerals may strain supply and lead to environmental issues. (Ars Technica)

Weighing up the Evidence What does it take to establish a new scientific truth? In the case of heliocentrism, the death of its sceptics. (History Today)

Why is it so hard to control our appetites? A doctor’s struggles with giving up sugar We’ve become convinced that if we can eat more healthily, we will be morally better people. But where does this idea come from? (The Guardian)

Getting in the groove Music reminds us that the mind is more than a calculator. We are resonant bodies as much as representing machines (Aeon)

•  You wouldn’t believe what he said’: The greatest trash talker ever, Larry Bird Jayson Jenks Apr 9, 2020 Michael Jordan once said, “Larry Bird is the greatest trash talker and mind-game player of all time. He taught me everything I know about getting in folks’ heads.” That was reason enough to call 17 of Bird’s former teammates and opponents and ask for their best trash-talking stories about Larry Legend. They delivered. (The Athletic)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview  this weekend with Alex Guervich of Hon Te Advisors, a discretionary global macro hedge fund. Previously, Guervich ran JP Morgans’s macro book. In 2020, Hon Te was ranked 2nd in net return, and a top 10 emerging manager. He is the author of The Next Perfect Trade and most recently, The Trades of March 2020.


The polarization in today’s Congress has roots that go back decades

Source: Pew Research Center


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