MiB: Lynn Martin, President of the NYSE


This week, we speak with Lynn MartinPresident of the NYSE, which is part of the Intercontinental Exchange. NYSE is the world’s largest stock exchange, with 2,400 listed companies and a combined market cap of ~$36 trillion dollars. She began her career at IBM in its Global Services.

We discuss the IPO process and how many companies go public, primarily to raise capital and create liquidity. We also discuss how the NYSE has been behind such innovations as SPACs and Direct Listings as alternative ways for companies to go public.

She explains how she has expanded the system capacity and increased the speed of message response and execution. The signs of volatility were increasing in December 2021 and the NYSE was able to manage the massive influx of orders and messages — half a trillion buy and sell messages per day with a 30 microsecond response time

A list of her favorite books is here; A transcript of our conversation is available here next week.

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Lynn Martin’s Favorite Books




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