Euro 1973 BMW 3.0CSi

BMW’s image as the “ultimate driving machine” was built atop the sportiness of its high-performance coupe models.

The “sharknose” E9 was BMW’s elegant flagship coupe sold in the US from 1968-1975. The E9 used an electronic fuel injection system that was state-of-the-art technology back then (most cars were still using carburetors). 200 HP made the 3.0 CSi really fast (at least for those days). The 3.0 CSi came with a 4-speed manual (this one was swapped to a 5-speed during a later renovation).

That speed and power came at a cost. MSRP was $10,634, — that’s $71,086.85 in today’s dollars. It was fast but pricey for its time.

2741 were built in 1973, making these relatively rare and sought after by collectors. Depending on the condition, prices range from $25,000 to $250,000. The lovely example below sold recently for $140,000.




Source: Bring A Trailer

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