Happy Merry!


Art Cashin is a Wall Street treasure, and his annual shares are always appreciated. This is his December 23rd commentary.

Happy Merry!

‘Tis two days before Christmas
and at each brokerage house

The only thing stirring
was the click of a mouse

Down on the Exchange
the tape inches along

Brokers bargained and traded
as they hummed an old song

With supply chain disruptions
from iPhones through socks

And new bugs came to bug us
like that thing, Monkey Pox

The Astros took the Series
and the Rams took the Bowl

Argentines won the World Cup with a heart stopping goal

We had a midterm election
but it brought no red tide

Voters even elected
one guy who had died

Of Prince Harry and Meghan
her complaint never ends

Oh, sure they are making money
but they are not making friends

A young guy told reporters
I was just sloppy, I fear

A rather glib explanation
when billions disappear

And Hurricane Ian
turned paradise into hell

Rising crime and inflation
they were features as well

This year was just awful with little to cheer

But it’s Christmastime Alice and Santa is near

So, stop looking backwards
have a cup of good cheer

And kiss you a loved one
raise your hopes for next year

And amidst all the trading
Christmas themes we will heed

And share our good fortune with families in need

And today they will pause
as they wait on the bell

And turn to each other
and wish each one well

Don’t let this year’s problems impede Christmas Cheer

Resolve to be happy
throughout the New Year

And resist ye Grinch feelings let joy never stop Put the bad at the bottom

keep the good on the top

So, count up your blessings along with your worth

You’re still living here
in the best place on earth

And think ye of wonders
that light children’s eyes

And hope Santa will bring you that Christmas surprise

So, play ye a carol
by Mario Lanza

Unless you are waiting
to celebrate Kwanzaa

Hanukkah’s is now ending
and Ramadan is long gone

Different folks, different holidays but their spirit lives on

Whatever your feast is
we hope you all still

Find yourself just surrounded by folks of goodwill

Today, as the bell rings
hark to your heart’s call

And as Santa would shout Merry Christmas to All!


Happy Merry! Closed for the Holidays (December 24, 2021)


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