MiB: Robert Koenigsberger, Gramercy Funds Management


This week, we speak with Robert Koenigsberger, the managing partner and chief investment officer of Gramercy Funds Management. A dedicated emerging markets investment manager, Gramercy Funds Management — which Koenigsberger founded in 1998 — now has more than $5 billion dollars in assets under management.

We discuss how he first found his way into Emerging Markets Debt back in the 1980s, working in a small EM boutique. Koenigsberger says “I’ve been doing Emerging markets since before it emerged.”

Koenigsberger discusses why EM Debt often has a low correlation to equity markets: By using historical measures of drawdowns and valuations, the firm can own an assortment of debt at prices that are non-correlated to stocks.

He tells how former PIMCO CEO Mohamed A. El-Erian became the firm’s chairman. Originally an investor in Gramercy’s funds, he next became an advisor to the firm before becoming its Chairman.

A list of his favorite books is here; A transcript of our conversation is available here next week.

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