10 Sunday Reads

Avert your eyes! My Sunday morning look at incompetency, corruption and policy failures:

Who Could Have Possibly Predicted The Bull Testicle Guy Was Juicing? Having read all that, would you be surprised to learn that this guy is extremely lying about the source of his pneumatic physique? Johnson has defended his nattyness on a bunch of the aforementioned dumb-guy podcasts, joking, “I’ll be honest, I take PEDs: I prioritize, execute and dominate every fucking morning.” (Defector)

The dirty road to clean energy: how China’s electric vehicle boom is ravaging the environment: In neighboring Indonesia, nickel extraction is causing environmental and social devastation. (Rest Of World) see also Fossil fuel industry dupes media, quietly funds non-profits to block renewable energy: Its not wealthy residents blocking clean energy development, its groups funded by a far-right think tank that receives funding from fossil fuel companies and billionaires. (Popular Information)

‘The more you submit, the more we get paid’: How fintech fueled covid aid fraud: Little-known firms such as Blueacorn and Womply allegedly collected taxpayer-funded fees as they overlooked signs of grift, according to a report released Thursday by congressional investigators. (Washington Post)

Seed Money: How one billionaire with a savior complex and a voracious sexual appetite got conned by his best friend, who saw him as the perfect mark. (New York Magazine)

How Big Pharma hijacked patient groups to keep drug prices high: Once a grassroots movement, co-opted patient advocacy groups now fight affordable medicine alongside pharmaceutical companies. (The Breach)

Florida hospitals weren’t ready for Hurricane Ian. Some fear the next big storm. Despite being under evacuation orders and in the path of the catastrophic storm, five hospitals remained open and removed only a handful of patients before the Category 4 hurricane made landfall. (Politico)

The Mysterious Kidney Disease Killing Thousands of Agricultural Workers: Since the 1990s, tens of thousands of people across Central America, Sri Lanka, India, and elsewhere have been killed by CKDu, in a ballooning epidemic that has baffled researchers, overwhelmed health care systems, and wiped out entire families. (Slate)

“I Was Never Ready for This”: How States Limit Teen Access to Abortion. As abortion access dwindles, America’s “parental-involvement” laws place further restrictions on teenagers — who may need to ask judges for permission to end their pregnancies. (ProPublica)

A Trump judge seized control of ICE, and the Supreme Court will decide whether to stop him: Judge Drew Tipton’s order in United States v. Texas is completely lawless. Thus far, the Supreme Court has given him a pass. (Vox)

Arrives late, pours your wine and eats onions – 56 dating red flags that should send you running: Our guide to the bad signs you can’t afford to ignore. (The Guardian)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business next week with Luis Berruga, CEO of Global X. The firm manages $40 billion dollars across nearly 100 thematic ETFs.


The Exceptionally American Problem of Rising Roadway Deaths

Source: New York Times


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