Macro Snapshot / St. Louis Fed

Very useful dashboard via the St. Louis Fed, which maintains the fabulous FRED database. With a clean and simple interface, it puts all of the key economic indicators the FOMC tracks — Real GDP Growth, Unemployment Rate, PCE Inflation, Core PCE Inflation, and the Federal Funds Rate — in one convenient location.

The Macro Snapshot also dives deeper into three core aspects of the economy:

1. Labor Markets: Indicators related to employment;
2. Inflation: Indicators related to different prices, price changes, and expectations about those changes;
3. Gross Domestic Product: GDP and its components.

All of the charts are interactive as well.

The Macro Snapshot also includes a Summary of Economic Projections (SEP) that the FOMC highlights, focusing on the Key Economic Indicators used when making rate change decisions.


Labor Markets




Gross Domestic Product

It is super convenient to have these all in a single location…



Macro Snapshot by the St. Louis Fed

Thanks to (Invictus for highlighting this new dashboard

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