Podcast: Rit Angles


I had a very fun conversation with my friend Roben Farzad about the business of culture, the culture of business, media and technology, markets and politics, Hollywood, the economy, investing and so much more.

“I’m Roben Farzad, my guest this week is esteemed polymath and Wall Street watcher Barry Ritholtz on bank failures and human nature remote work surprising relationship to productivity Twitter under Elon Musk and markets seeking new leadership and lots more do stay with us. This is Full Disclosure…

My best quote from the conversation:

“Success is incredibly rare, we all suffer from survivorship bias — that’s why people invest in plays and restaurants;  you think “Oh, Hamilton is great let’s put money into a play” but you don’t see the other million plays that failed before Hamilton and so you forget that success is an exceedingly fragile, delicate, rare thing.”

It’s a fun hour when I get on the other side of the mic. Check it out here.





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