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I wanted to share a few thoughts about the new podcast we formally launched in December of last year, At the Money.

The idea behind the show: Short, focused conversations with experts about any and all issues that affect you and your money, from spending it to investing it. Think of it as a guided tour of key ideas, sherpaed with the experts who I believe add enormous value to our understanding of how humans do behave — and should behave — around money.

By short, I mean 10-minutes (15 tops) or a 1,000-2,000 word transcript that takes even less time to read.

Currently, it’s part of the Masters in Business feed, but eventually, I’d like to see ATM have its own podcast feed.

At the Money was designed to be a little lighter and more fun than the usual pods; not its subjects or guests, but rather, how focused and tight the discussions are. I wanted to reflect that in the thumbnail tile (above) as well as audio soundscape of the show. ‘The artwork was done by Oscar Bolton Green and Jaci Kessler, and it really captures the spirit of the show.

As much as I enjoy these recordings, the most fun part for me is finding an audio / music clip that suits the topic and the discussion. Bloomberg licensed the entire BMI/Ascap catalog, so I have access to an endless array of music from the 1940s to the present date. I can only use under 30 seconds at a time, but still, it’s an embarrassment of riches to choose from, and endless fun for me.

So far, I have run the gamut from Daft Punk to BB King, the Rolling Stones to Monty Python. The challenge comes when run-of-the-mill investing/economic topic turns out to be esoteric in terms of music; think Inflation or Contrarian investing. Its a fun little challenge to find something that is a little fun yet on point.


The full archive of At the Money with transcripts are here; you can also find these in your favorite pod sites in the MiB feed on Apple PodcastsYouTubeSpotify, and Bloomberg.



Introducing “At The Money” (December 7, 2023)


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