Bloomberg’s Hedge Fund Forum 2024



Today, I am participating in a few events at Bloomberg’s Hedge Fund Forum 2024.

I will be moderating the Emerging Managers Panel (I did this last year as well). It is a great collection of three new(ish) managers, in a variety of areas, all of whom have put up solid numbers:

3:45 PM  Panel Discussion: Emerging Managers

Vince Aita,  CIO & Managing Partner,  Cutter Capital Management
Brian Hurst, Founder and CIO, ClearAlpha Technologies
Melvin Ike, Founder and Managing Partner, The Visualize Group
Moderated by: Barry Ritholtz, Host of Bloomberg Radio’s “Masters in Business,” and Founder and CIO of Ritholtz Wealth Management

This will be rebroadcast on radio, TV and YouTube. (I’ll post an update).


The second event I am excited about is a one-on-one:

4:20 PM Fireside chat with Citadel’s Head of Global Equities, Justin Lubell (Moderated by Barry Ritholtz)

Unfortunately, the second Fireside chat will not be broadcast (You have to be here for this one!)

Looking forward to both of these


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