Blogger Market Sentiment Poll

Ticker Sense has started a "Blogger Market Sentiment Poll."

The survey of 35 of the web’s most prominent investment bloggers (present company included), asks "What is your outlook on the US stock market for the next 30 days?"

It is a weekly poll, sent to participants  Thursday, the results released each Monday. The goal of this poll is to gain a consensus view on the market from the top investment bloggers — a community that continues to grow as a valued source of investment insight.

It will be interesitng  to see how this tracks over a few Qs. I’m curious if us bloggers are like the
smart money (NYSE Specialists) or the (dumb money) public option traders.







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  1. Rich VB commented on Jul 14

    Question becomes – is this a “smart money” or a “dumb money” indicator? ;-)

  2. Robert Cote commented on Jul 14

    Whatever happened to?; “Those that know, don’t say.”

  3. jkw commented on Jul 14

    Also interesting will be if they track each individual blogger and then rate them later based on how well they do. Something along the lines of looking at a trading strategy where you are either short, long, or in cash based on each blogger’s sentiment and comparing performance. That provides an incentive for the bloggers to provide their best guess, as they will be scored against it later.

  4. econjohn commented on Jul 14

    Whatever happened to?; “Those that know, don’t say.”

    still in force?

  5. John F. commented on Jul 14

    Any tips for your readers who don’t work on the floor of the NYSE on how to track the smart money?

  6. David Sternfeld commented on Jul 14

    Seriously Bearish… for both fundamental and technical reasons.

    BTW, As a “dumb money public options trader,” will you suggest I not spend the sweet profits I’ve been sweeping-up from unwinding long equity positions beginning last fall and from the in-the-money index puts that have been gushing cash since early May?

  7. Roger Nusbaum commented on Jul 14

    The Ticker Sense poll is anonymous, FYI.

    I voted bearish and who says I know anything, which might be why they asked me.

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