Lindsey visits the Googleplex

I found this terribly amusing . . .


Who knew Lindsey did comedy?

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  1. shawn commented on Aug 24

    This is Serious.

    Does FED take Subprime ABS (Asset Back Securities) at the Discount Window? Someone here said NO.

    But I got this from a source saying FED definitely is sucking in Subprime ABS and Subprime Credit Card loan as Collateral.

    Anyone care to shed some light on this? Thanks.

    And watch FED asnwers of FAQ here — watch out the Question 5.

    So, can we conclude that evil FED is MONEYTIZING all bad sub-prime loans now at a great 80% face value??? Isn’t this equivalent to “Bail-out” of all funds who cannot find bids? Isn’t this PRINTING FREE money for these funds or bankers? They might as well just dumped these collateral there on FED forever and never pay back.

  2. Joe Klein’s conscience commented on Aug 24

    Now the CEO of Ford is calling for a rate cut. Just saw it on Yahoo news. We sure have a sucky bunch of CEO’s these days. They knew super low rates couldn’t last forever.

  3. Rod Roth commented on Aug 24

    What a hoot. Thanks.


  4. David commented on Aug 24

    “How did that non-Google-y person get in here?”.

  5. Jason G. commented on Aug 24

    Shame on Lindsay for not wearing a helmet while riding her bike… makes me think it’s 1990 again…

  6. Groty commented on Aug 24

    Lindsey is soooo perfectly awesome. Wallstrip wouldn’t work without her.

  7. jake commented on Aug 24

    lindsey should be on cnbc or bloomberg

  8. Dk commented on Aug 24

    hey shawn, mr. abs expert, give me an example of a “subprime abs credit card bond” please. thanks-

  9. plin commented on Aug 24

    The funniest part is actually when she is introducing optionXpress.

  10. yoshi commented on Aug 25

    wow that was so incredibly painful. what was the point of that again?

  11. Chilepalm commented on Aug 27

    reminds me of a high-tech Arlington Road, or that X-files episode where, if the residents didn’t conform, the others would knock out their front-lawn night-light, and a horrible monster of indefinable German origin, created from rotting soil and offal, would arise after dark from some hole leading to some hellish abyss in the lawn and come into their homes and consume them, dragging them back into its putrid lair.

    Maybe we should rename them The Googleford People. Please, warn her, don’t let them put the Google-y chip in Lindsey!

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