Biggest M&A Year in History


Romping Through the Biggest M&A Year in History
October 2, 2007, 4:24 pm

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  1. michael schumacher commented on Oct 8

    Too bad none of it matters……

    because if it did then we would’nt be sitting at all time highs.

    Biggest shell game in the world is our stock market. Last Friday’s job report proved one thing: that carefully massaged commerce department releases will get you exactly what you want….when you want it….nevermind that in reporting what it did, how it did you realize that the error in it’s own gathering and reporting is off by a factor of over 800%…..

    But that’s ok…just continue to have China buy the SPX while we circle jerk ourselves into economic oblivion.

    How this market has any credibility left is just unfathomable……


  2. shrek commented on Oct 8

    Everyone assumes the government is going to save them.

  3. michael schumacher commented on Oct 8

    Love how the WSJ is becoming more and more and obvious cheerleader to the market.

    Look at how they “interpret” the action in the Asia markets……

    This is exactly what we are going to get starting next week…..

    “Everything is just great”

    I am convinced that if someone were to set off a dirty bomb (or something akin to 9-11) the market would embrace it and we would still be at this level…..

    because it would be presented as a growth opp. like everything else.


  4. Das Gherkin commented on Oct 8

    Off topic, but it looks like Bloomberg has lost another anchor. This time Robert Gray who appears in a Fox Business News video I just watched. Bloomberg needs new producers and talent.

  5. oldman lincoln commented on Oct 8

    America:Israel Soviet is very much now an apartheid state. For the uber-class of Neo-Zi advocates, no rules apply than the jungle law of adverse possession, while for the unter class of J6P’s and non-citizens, the penalty for not paying a 28% tithe to State, 28% interest to Corporate, and 500% grift to gOilum, is disappearing into their gulag prison system, itself a profit engine for State:Corporate, while at the same time, the uber class simply “writes down” their debt, and “floats” more debt, files restated 8-K’s, dispenses $B’s in deferred payola, registers offshore tax-free, and yet calls for lower capital gains and more prisons.

    You couldn’t make this shtuff up….

  6. Adam commented on Oct 8

    Can someone explain to me how S&P 500 Q3 operating earnings are expected to rise, despite the facts that (a) financials comprise a substantial % of S&P 500 earnings and (b) financial companies’ profits tanked in Q3?

  7. Justin commented on Oct 8

    Adam, remember the old voodoo economics? Well now it is voodoo accounting! lol

  8. Connie commented on Oct 8

    Can someone tell me what M&A is?

  9. kckid816 commented on Oct 8


    Mergers and Acquistions

  10. m3 commented on Oct 8

    Sallie Mae Sues Buyers Over Deal

    Sallie Mae has filed a lawsuit against the group of firms that had agreed to buy the student lender but are now trying to renegotiate the deal.

    The suit, filed Monday night in Delaware chancery court, comes one day ahead of a self-imposed deadline by the buyers to reach a new agreement. Failing that, the buyers — private equity firms J.C. Flowers & Company and Friedman Fleischer & Lowe and banks JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America — were prepared to walk away and suffer the consequences. Under the terms of the deal, the firms would pay a $900 million breakup fee.

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