Ease of Doing Business by Country

Pretty cool table, via doingbusiness.org looking at how easy or hard it is to do a variety of business functions in different countries around the world:


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  1. Florida commented on Oct 11

    Totally off topic, but I’m sitting here watching the market completely give back all of its gains for the day in a very short period of time.

  2. george commented on Oct 12

    Overall…US–3…. Mexico–43

    Ease of starting a business…Mexico…75…US 4

    Registering property….Mexico 71…US 10

    Enforcing contracts…Mexico…84…US 8.


  3. Thatguy commented on Oct 12

    How did Florida post a comment before the entry was even posted?!?!?!

  4. Barry Ritholtz commented on Oct 12

    I posted it back accident a day ago — and pulled it and set it to rerun toay

  5. The Dirty Mac commented on Oct 12

    Personally, I think that some market reforms would be very beneficial in bringing some peace to Iraq.

  6. Florida commented on Oct 12

    How did Florida post a comment before the entry was even posted?!?!?!

    Posted by: Thatguy | Oct 12, 2007 3:34:28 PM

    I was posting from a theoretical dimension. MU-HAH HAH!

  7. Stuart commented on Oct 12

    Hmmm…. Hong Kong #1 in enforcing contracts. I suppose. Dishonorably break a deal, you get killed. I guess that gets you #1 in that category.

  8. dblwyo commented on Oct 12

    Barry – weigh cool. Glad you posted it. Says a lot about how the world works and how we’d like it to work. In case anybody’s interested the World Bank’s done a very nice piece of work on intangibles and national performance – intangs being peace, security, property, rule of law, etc. etc. You know, all those neat things we take for granted and a lot of the world is just discovering:

    Now the rankings in those tables can be really scary.

  9. Jon H commented on Oct 12

    So what kind of healthcare systems do Singapore and New Zealand have (in the latter case, I mean for people, not sheep)?

  10. niti bhan commented on Oct 13

    Affordable and excellent. Just moved to Singapore from CA, and as part of the employment paperwork was required to get a health checkup, HIV test and a chest X ray. Total cost? Singapore $50. Walk in to a clinic nearby, referred to the Xray place, again just walk in and minor wait. I have never felt so human in my life with the customer experience and friendliness throughout.

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