2007 Performance Review

Some great charts and tables looking at the 2007 returns of various sectors, indices and stocks in today’s WSJ.

Peter McKay looks at the winners and losers of large, mid, and small cap stocks; E.S. Browning reviews the various indices.

The bottom line for 2007: A money market account would have slightly edged out the S&P500, while a typical (junk-free) Bond portfolio would have handily trounced the equity benchmark index. You did best with the Nasdaq,  2nd best with the Dow, worst with the Russell 2000 . . .




Stocks Leap Obstacles for Gains 
January 2, 2008; Page R1

Winning Stocks Get Overseas Bounce   
January 2, 2008; Page R2

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  1. asdf commented on Jan 2

    Missing dividends. S&P was up 5.5%

  2. Jay Weinstein commented on Jan 2

    Maybe someone can explain to me why they leave out dividends on the stock indices for these stupid analyses.

    asdf and I agree. It happens constantly in all forms of media.

  3. Ross commented on Jan 2

    Dividends? What? Return cash to the share owner? Absurd! We’ll just borrow money and buy back stock!
    Buy low, sell high. Prudent
    Buy high, sell higher. Risky
    Buy high sell lower? Recipe for disaster.

    Thank you Citi WAMU, Countrywide.

  4. Francois commented on Jan 2

    Dividends? Cash?

    Oh! You mean this gizmo sent to shareholders on a scheduled basis that serves to clarify how well management works?

    But hey! Yogi Berra said (in the AFLAC commercial) “They even send you cash, which it’s as good as money.”

    Even the poor duck appeared utterly kerflummoxed by the idea.

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