Mario Cuomo on the Economy

Interesting discussion with former NYS Governor Mario Cuomo:

Great quote: "You campaign in poetry, you govern in prose"

Cuomo Talks Economy


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  1. Shnaps Parlor commented on Feb 7

    That same quote was appropriated by the Clinton campaign recently.

    I wonder where it came from originally…

    Hey – today I learned that Brian Wesbury apes Spiro Agnew.

  2. Shnaps Parlor commented on Feb 7

    A-ha. Next time I’ll WTFV before commenting.

  3. Mr. Obvious commented on Feb 7

    Dude looks old.

    I like what he’s saying, though.

    Sounds like he is not much of a Hillary fan.

  4. Guest commented on Feb 7

    techy: “only people who are better off are one who luckily … cover shorts before rate cut”

    luckily? aren’t those ones supposed to get a telephone call from their former CEO, before the close?

  5. Ross commented on Feb 7

    If you’re short when they are rippin and long when tanking, you’re hurtin.

    Try doing it the other way round.

    Hoard Palladium………… book.

  6. brbrown commented on Feb 7

    What happened to Mario Cuomo? I was sure that he was destined to become a household name, instead he disappeared … too bad.

  7. John F. commented on Feb 7

    Boy did Mario look pissed he didn’t get the last word! I guess stipulating that he be asked T/F questions wasn’t a strong enough device to let us hear his poetry unedited. Try YouTube next time, Governor!

  8. shtove commented on Feb 7

    A wise man – he demands true/false questions, then answers at length, in his own style.

  9. John Borchers commented on Feb 7

    Is that Doug Kass sweating on Kudlow? Wonder how much retail he had shorted going into this morning. He looks sick.

  10. Justin commented on Feb 7

    John Borchers, doesn’t it seem like all these pundits have somekind of templete they put up against the market and say, “oh, oh it works this way and that way, and we are in the same situation as such and such,” well pundits we are not, no two events are ever the same, so pay attention to the telltales… the action in the 30 t-bond is saying credit is hard to get, it isn’t going to get better any time soon…kiss your ass good bye!

  11. Justin commented on Feb 7

    OK, for the record…its a pinot noir night…I do like Como…smooth, cool dud…

  12. dblwyo commented on Feb 7

    Barry – thanks. That’s a great interview. Now that we’re all going back to Camelot let’s hope somebody pays attention.

    A powerful and insightful and to the point interview – particularly liked the Adam Smith and Lincoln comparisons. Right on.

  13. Street Creds commented on Feb 7

    I think Cuomo lacks “gravitas”.

  14. Justin commented on Feb 7

    Street Creds, define your gravitas? Who, in your mind had more of it, Lincoln, or your grandma?

  15. kd commented on Feb 7

    I love that he says “he” he subconsciously knows that women don’t belong in politics.

  16. Dwarfdog commented on Feb 7

    A good interview, although I think he’s naive and stupid about China. He’ll find out they’re not interested in collaboration and human rights and all that “feel good” crap liberals typically spew out. When they get strong enough it’s going to be their way or the highway (to hell) for anybody that tries to throw sand in their gears.

  17. Street Creds commented on Feb 7

    Justin, buy a paper and read it. Gravitas was the word used by liberals, and especially Cuomo to denigrate George Bush when he ran for president. Keep my grandmother out of it.

  18. wunsacon commented on Feb 7

    Dwarfdog, it’s good the GOP (starting with Nixon) took a hard line against China. Lord knows what else might’ve happened.

  19. wunsacon commented on Feb 7


    To continue our conversation without having to look back to yesterday’s threads (and arguably hijack the present one), maybe it’s best if you emailed my handle at

    Indeed, I read your response yesterday and think you didn’t respond to
    (a) “wunsacon, the individual” but to
    (b) “wunsacon, a representative of the composite permabear character at TBP who keeps criticizing me”.
    Maybe a change of medium (to email) would help correct this misperception.

  20. Gary commented on Feb 8

    Cuomo opining on economics? hilarious. what’s next, Daly & Rostenkowski talking about ethics?

  21. Whammer commented on Feb 8

    Gary, what exactly did Cuomo say that you find so risible?

    Or is this just ad hominem time?

    And Street Creds, I get your “gravitas” reference, but again, what exactly was wrong with that criticism of Bush? Did he turn out to be a big thinker or something?

    Or were you just making a funny and I’m overreacting (entirely possible)?

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