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  1. JustinTheSkeptic commented on Sep 4

    BR, you need to use the monthly 20 year chart so that people can see just how far we have to go.

  2. JustinTheSkeptic commented on Sep 4

    BR, what is the mental desease that Jim Cramer actually has? I’m thinking the Napolean Syndrome? Along with being a megalomaniac.

  3. jack commented on Sep 4

    i dont get it.

  4. AGG commented on Sep 4

    That is certainly where Abramoff is. He got another 4 years today.
    Abramoff told the court that he was “a broken man” and pleaded for leniency, saying it was “amazing for me to see how far I strayed and how I did not see it at the time”.

    He said that much of the activity of Washington “lives in the loopholes” but that he had “blundered farther than even those excesses would allow”.

    The BBC’s Richard Lister in Washington says that the scandal was a disaster for the Republican party, leading to their loss of control in Congress in 2006.

    “Washington lives in the loopholes”. Truer words were never said.

  5. Pat G. commented on Sep 4

    Nice rack!

  6. Scorpio commented on Sep 4

    Palin tapped the Abramoff network way back when she was mayor of tiny 8000-strong Wasilla. McCain found himself a real catch there… (btw: when will SPY break back thru the Oct ’02 lows?)

  7. Vermont Trader commented on Sep 4

    Actually you are lower than that..

    SP futures are currently 8 points lower than close and the Dow is off 65….

  8. Jeff M. commented on Sep 4

    Thanks for the reminder, BR. Appreciate it. Now I’ll jump out my basement office egress window.

  9. John Borchers commented on Sep 4

    We are in big trouble. Banks and brokers can’t afford to hold stocks which aren’t going up.

    The euro zone and all world is now slowing. They are lagging us by about 6 months. We should have started a recovery by now but we have not.

    With treasury money locked up in the banks the plunge protection team is without financing to support a major market crash.

  10. Scorpio commented on Sep 4

    VT: i’m talking 10/02 lows around 850 on the Spydie-man

  11. John Borchers commented on Sep 4

    Oh and P.S. SPY 50-60 I think is possible.

    My deflation theory is coming through, unfortunately. As the commodities get whacked all profits riding on those commodities are kaput.

    This of course is the penalty for making up economic numbers which aren’t correct.

  12. VennData commented on Sep 4

    Not a great time to rack up $10T in Federal debt.

    …uhhh hehe, did he say “rack?”

  13. CNBC Sucks commented on Sep 4

    Eh, I am with Justin on this one. We are actually still near the top. I have said for months on my own blog Dow 5000 and oil $300 sometime in the 2010s, so the 340 point drop in the Dow today is just a small blip, a fraction of the standard deviation of the daily value of the Dow. There will be at least a seasonal suckers’ rally followed by a correction for the next few years, with an overall downward trend to oblivion, especially if McCain wins.

    So, has anyone figured it out: is oil driving the dollar’s rise or is the dollar’s rise driving oil?

  14. Nihilism commented on Sep 4

    …and we have not yet — officially — entered the fall season! Boy I love those fall colors. Green turns to yellow, maroon and red! And finally we bare it all and what is left is just skeleton of the tree!

    It will be a beautiful slide thru’ the winter…Just a hunch as GWB ends his final term.

  15. In cash commented on Sep 4


    Today was a 90% down day…..

  16. House buyer commented on Sep 4

    Houses are too expensive.
    I´m waiting for a 35% drop.

    After that a real free market is going to work again.

  17. Stuart commented on Sep 4

    And how much does commercial RE have to fall?. No end to it.

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