Apple Earnings Show Why You Can’t Trust Pundits

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  1. victor commented on Jan 31

    Of course, but…. Et tu Barry?
    Recall this? (divide all stock prices as quoted by 7 due to the split)

    Apple Could Fall Below $500 a Share: Barry Ritholtz
    November 26, 2012 8:52 AM
    Daily Ticker

    “Barry Ritholtz, CEO of Fusion IQ and author of The Big Picture blog, has been ringing the alarm bells about Apple stock for months. A self-described Apple fanboy, Ritholtz was warning that Apple could fall below $500 a share late last November (the stock was trading in the $571 range at the time) and has since lowered his forecast to $350 a share. Last October, Ritholtz started to unwind his clients’ positions in the tech giant, cutting their exposure by at least a third. Ritholtz says the stock could fall further from here but does not believe the end of Apple is near.


    ADMIN: Apple subsequently fell from $705 to $450.

    • Enough Nonsense commented on Feb 1

      Wow. You claiming that this was bad statement? You are somhow equating biased and conflicted analysts with a warning that a stock was running too far too fast.

      Thats pathetic.

      No wonder so many sites are dropping comments. Assholes like you manage to ruin it for everyone else. If BR was smart he would ban your ass permanently from comments.

      This should be the last nonsense you ever publish here.

    • Admin commented on Feb 1

      I will forward this exchange to BR for comment

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