Top Issue for Americans? Bad Government

The Gallup polling organization is in the business of taking the pulse of the American public. A new survey detects a surprising shift in perceptions. It points not just to the nation’s sour mood and disappointment with the drawn-out recovery, but also to a sense that something different is now wrong with the U.S.

In 2014, four issues generated enough public concern over enough months for at least 10% of Americans, on average, to identify each of them as the nation’s most important problem. Complaints about government leadership — including President Barack Obama, the Republicans in Congress and general political conflict — led the list, at 18%. This was closely followed by mentions of the economy in general (17%), unemployment or jobs (15%) and healthcare (10%).

This is quite notable for several reasons: One of the more significant observations is that for the first year since 2007, the economy wasn’t the top issue.

Second, its the first time in Gallup’s long history that government was cited as the #1 problem . . .

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  1. VennData commented on Jan 6

    If only we could get Obama to approve Keystone then we’d finally get cheap gas pumped directly into American tanks and could drive over all our gleaming infrastructure day and night!

  2. catman commented on Jan 6

    Rather than what their constituents want… Seems to be the key phrase.

  3. ilsm commented on Jan 6

    Government for the oligarch; which marks progress in the abundance (trickle up) of those who already have too much. Jeb Bush’s PAC theme to “reward success” with more abundance at the expense of the social contract and exposing the country to more financial crisis to “reward risk”……..

  4. A commented on Jan 6

    Well, if it’s an issue, then why is the majority of bought-and-paid for congress people re-elected?
    Remember, the previous new years’ resolution survey said 1% of respondents aim to get involved in politics.

    The herds might as well head back to hibernation.

    • willid3 commented on Jan 7

      not really sure they ever left it

  5. Iamthe50percent commented on Jan 6

    They say they want those things, then turn around and vote for Tea Party candidates who oppose them. They got what thy asked for – right wing religious fanatic pigs swilling at the Koch brothers’/Jamie Dimon’s trough.

  6. willid3 commented on Jan 7

    maybe its just me, but what they say (they dont like Congress) is more about others choices for Congress than their own choices (who they they actually like). course they actually believe that those they elect actually want to support them (and would too if those others would just do want they wanted them too)

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