10 Things About Living Longer in Retirement

Source: BlackRock

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  1. bigsteve commented on Mar 25

    Living longer has a lot to do with your income level and education level. Although I think education level often begets income level. So number one depends.

  2. ilsm commented on Mar 25

    Concerning #2:

    I started receiving SS at 62, I work part-time and make >$15K/Ann. At age 66 I can make $44K in that year before reducing SS $1 for $2. At 66 I can work all I want and lose no SS monthly money. Best: at 66 my age used to compute SS is raised one month for each month I did not receive my SS check due to earnings above $15K.

    Concerning #3: There is some point where one may decide to self insure. But the penalty for going into Part B later is an issue. Part B should be a section of medicare cut out the subsidized FIRE sector!

  3. murrayv commented on Mar 25

    What move costs $25,000. I am retired and have moved 3 times (fully furnished 3 bedroom household) in the last 5.5 years, and the most expensive was <$9,000.

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Mar 25

      My grandson recently moved out of state from a one bedroom apartment. The cheapest mover I could find wanted a $5,000 minimum. I MAILED all his stuff, except for old analog TV & CRT computer monitor, for $419.06 and yes, I checked with UPS, they were higher (about 10%). Couldn’t believe $5G for no furniture, but that wa the minimum. Last time In did an interstate move, International Harvester (Remember them) paid over $10,0000 for a household. That was 1979,

      Was cheaper to buy new digital TV that doubled as monitor than to mail or ship ancient fragile items.

  4. SumDumGuy commented on Mar 25

    I moved out an apt in Atlanta to an apt in northern VA back in 2012. Cost me something like $2500 for the movers.

    • Lyle commented on Mar 26

      Ah yes the difference between an intrastate move and an interstate move. In Tx I moved about 1 trailer of stuff about 250 miles for about 1k. It was a pickup and a trailer and 2 guys to load and unload. (Basically they were apartment movers)

  5. farmera1 commented on Mar 26

    No. 7 I want to find how this works. I would think you would have to pay taxes when you take the money out of an IRA either to spend or move into a Roth. So I never say much advantage to that. Taxes now or later???? Me I’ll take taxes later. If I’m missing something, give me some help here.

    Help anyone????????????

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