Putting Big Pharma In Perspective

Source: Dadaviz h/t Randal Olson

Source: Randal Olson

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  1. catman commented on Mar 17

    On my trip thru the stent business I discovered that J&J is basically a marketing company. They outsourced much of the scientific legwork and were first in and first out. The process/timing was akin to a generic drug introduction, with an exclusivity window.

  2. btowers commented on Mar 17

    How much should they spend?

  3. MarkKlose commented on Mar 17

    J&J has a large consumer products business that sells everything from Band Aids to Neutrogena as well as OTC meds with Tylenol. They also have a medical device business. Their Pharma segment was 34.5% of their revenue last year.

    • MarkKlose commented on Mar 17

      Typo 43.5% of sales for Pharma.

  4. intlacct commented on Mar 17

    “How much should they spend?”

    I don’t know but when they justify higher prices in the US based on their enormous research costs the above indicates that that arguments is 50%-60% BS.

  5. Moss commented on Mar 18

    Is it any wonder why the US is so over medicated yet unhealthy?

  6. b_thunder commented on Mar 18

    Barry, do you still trust everything that Big Pharma* and their lackeys tell you about vaccinations?

    * Big Pharma includes doctors, marketers, FDA revolving door bureaucrats on their payroll; does not include pure “Scientists”

    • Liquidity Trader commented on Mar 18

      You are confusing Jonah Salk with Bernie Ebbers.

      Its pretty obvious to anyone who reads Ritholtz that he does not trust corporate entities at all,but does seem to have some faith in scientists, doctors, and researchers.

      Corporate entities seeking a profit is very different than the people who created the vaccines

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